Norbert Kanter
Zetcom AG
Linienstrasse 126
10115 Germany
Email: norbert.kanter@zetcom.ch

Norbert Kanter holds an MA in Art History and Philosophy from the University of Bonn. In 1990, he started to work as a freelance at museum software and database developer. From 1991 - 1995 he was head of the IT department of the federal Art and Exhibition hall of Germany. Since 1992 he is an active member of ICOM / CIDOC, participates in different working groups and publishes about New Media use in Museums. Since 1996 he is Project Manager for New Media at the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle and works as consultant and internet producer for different museums. He is responsible for awarded websites like http://www.kah-bonn.de or http://www.bonn.de/kunstmuseum. Member of: ICOM, MCN, DMB (German Museum Association), dmmv (German Multimedia Association).

Norbert will teach [A01E] - OVERLOAD. A therapeutic workshop on the use of human senses in museum hypermedia
Norbert will teach [A01D] OVERLOAD. Ein therapeutischer Workshop zur Entdeckung des Menschlichen in musealen Hypermedia Anwendungen

Published: 09/01/03
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