[A21] - Beyond kiosks: multimodal interactions with museum content
Slavko Milekic, University of the Arts, USA

Workshop: [A21] - Beyond kiosks: multimodal interactions with museum content

This workshop will present an overview of unorthodox ways of interacting with museum content. This will include interactions based on a visitor's presence, gestures, intention or emotional reaction. The use of haptic (sense of touch) and kinesthetic (body position) modalities for enhancing visitor experience will be explored. The emphasis will be on currently available and low-budget technologies. Most of the approaches will be demonstrated using actual museum/gallery content. The significance of each approach for dissemination of cultural heritage information will be discussed using research findings from social and cognitive sciences. Knowledge of programming is not necessary but an open mind is a prerequisite.

Published: 09/01/03
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This conference is one of the International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meetings (ICHIMs) held every two years since 1991. See for further details, and past Proceedings.


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