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Office of the Director General
National Archives of Sweden
P.O. Box 12541

Torbjörn Hörnfeldt is the Senior Administrative Officer for the National Archives in Stockholm, Sweden. Presently he is Chairman of the Swedish standardization group STG TC128, WG8, primarily corresponding to ISO/TC 171 Document imaging applications. He is also a member of the Swedish standardization group STG TC80, Framework for Geographical Information (STG Allmänna standardiseringsgruppen, Swedish Standards Institution), a member of the Swedish reference group to the IDA Subgroup for Horizontal Issues, and the Swedish reference group working with proposals for the revision of EPHOS, both of these are connected to Directorate-General III, European Commission (IDA, Community contribution for telematic interchange of data between administration in the community, EPHOS, European Procurement Handbook on Open Systems). At present, Hörnfeldt is also revising the "National Archives Regulations and general advice on the transfer of recordings for automatic data processing (ADP Recordings) to the National Archives and the provincial archives; RA-FS 1996:7". In December of 1996, he was invited to speak at the DLM-forum, Bruxelles, on "European and International Standards in an Archival Context."

Previously, Hörnfeldt was a member of several workgroups initiated by the Swedish Commission for IT, such as "Comon platforms for information exchange" and "Internet as a vehicle for official information" which have been published during 1996 (two reports, short summary in English and a handbook). The Swedish Agency for Administrative Development has coordinated the workgroups, but they have been led by representatives from the National Social Insurance Board and Statistics Sweden respectively.

In 1995, he was representative for the National Archives in the Astra SESAM project, assisted in organizing the International Workshop at Grisslehamn, Sweden, 22-24 May, 1996, assisting editor of the Workshop Report, and authored a related paper "Maintenance and longevity," which was presented (in part) at the workshop and is included in the workshop Report.

Torbjörn Hörnfeldt has been a member of project team of ARKSYS (1994-1995), a project funded by FRN, the project researched the systems development process in relation to questions concerning long-term preservation of electronic records/data (FRN, Forskningsrådsnämnden, Swedish Council for Planning and Coordination of Research). He has also been a member of the Swedish standardization group ITS WG 14 (ca 1992 - ), primarily corresponding to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 14 Data element principles and now incorporated in ITS WG 30 Electronic data interchange (EDI). (ITS, Informationstekniska standariseringen, "Standardization of Information Technology). Prior to this, he was first a project member (1989-1992) and then assistant project leader (1992-1993) for the "Regulatory project" at the National Archives, a project for revising all general regulations.

Hörnfeldt has a B.Sc/M.Sc. (systems/computer/-ing science) from the Computing Science Department at Uppsala University. He has worked as programmer/systems developer at Uppsala University Computing Center (1985-1986) and spent half a year as a consultant (4GL, DBMS) at Functional Systems AB, Uppsala (1986). He has also lectured at CSD, UU (1985-1989).

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16 June 1997