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The Collaborative Electronic Notebooks Consortium
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Rich Lysakowski, Ph.D. is the Director of R&D for TeamScience, Inc. in Woburn, Massachusetts. TeamScience, Inc. leads and manages large multi-company joint development projects and consortia for large corporations. TeamScience is currently running The Collaborative Electronic Notebook Systems Association and CENS Consortium for companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, healthcare, and related industries. TeamScience does software research, engineering, training, and publishing on team collaboration tools and techniques, electronic notebooks and records management, document management, and laboratory automation systems.

In 1989, while at Digital Equipment Corporation, he created the Analytical Data Interchange and Storage Standards Program (The ADISS Program) that has led the establishment of worldwide data sharing and data archival standards for chromatography, mass spectrometry, infrared, and soon NMR and atomic spectroscopies. These data standards are now available from all the major manufacturers selling software for these analytical instruments.

In late 1996, Dr. Lysakowski founded The Electronic Notebook Research Institute, which specializes in private and public studies to advance the state-of-the-art of electronic recordkeeping, records management, and collaborative notebooks for R&D and related areas of industry.

Dr. Rich Lysakowski

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16 June 1997