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Barry Associates
3808 N. Albemarle.St.
Arlington, VA 22207
United States

Rick Barry, Barry Associates, consults internationally and carries out workshops in information and records management, and especially in electronic records management. He co-authored and directed the production of videotape training films and discussion guides on electronic records management for use in organizational settings and graduate programs. His consulting engagements have included strategic information management studies, development of plans, development of functional requirements for electronic document management and recordkeeping systems, evaluation of system recordworthiness, EDMS/ERMS RFP evaluations, organizing for delivery of information management, archives and records management functions (including position descriptions, recruitment and candidate interviews), preparation of email policies and development of metadata for database directories. He drafted recordkeeping functional requirements for the World Bank's electronic document management system and was a member of the two expert panels that began and completed the NHPRC-funded University of Pittsburgh Functional Requirements Project. His work includes the use of recordkeeping systems in developing countries to foster national objectives in support of administrative reform, accountability and anti-corruption programs. He has conducted numerous workshops on electronic records for Cimtech, the International Council for Archives, World Bank Past and several consulting clients as well as public, commercial workshops. Clients have included the Australian Archives, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies; International Finance Corporation; International Records Management Trust and, through the Trust, the national archivists of a number of African countries; the Keeper of Public Records (national archivist) of the U. K.; Smithsonian Institution, Tower Software, OECD, World Bank and United Nations. He was for two years a member of the Xerox Executive Advisory Forum consisting mainly of CIOs of major multinational companies.

From his experience prior to retiring from the World Bank in 1992, where he managed both information technology systems and services and the archives and records management programs, commenced early electronic records projects and was leader of the UN ACCIS Technical Panel on Electronic Records that produced the 1990 UN report Managing Electronic Records, Issues and Guidelines, he brings an interdisciplinary perspective to the subjects of knowledge/ information/records management. His works have been published in various books and journals.

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16 June 1997