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SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
Electronic Data Management
Yew Tree Bottom Road
Epsom, Surrey KT18 5XQ
United Kingdom

Philip Lord is Associate Director, Electronic Data Management, at SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals in the UK. Mr Lord was born in London, and studied mathematics and after spending ten years with the Medical Research Council in 1978 moved to Elsevier Science Publishers (ESP) in the Netherlands. At ESP he was responsible for managing the IT department producing the EMBASE bibliographic databases in both printed and electronic form. He was also responsible for identifying, and initiating, projects to produce innovative multi-media electronic publications on CD-ROM. Mr Lords multi-media expertise was developed further with a French software manufacturer, working in Paris and London. Whilst at ESP he was active in international standardisation processes related to publishing technologies, and was vice-chairman of the ANSI committee to standardise the CD-ROM file format (ISO 9660). Since 1991, Mr Lord has been at SmithKline Beecham working on internal electronic document management systems, the specification of electronic regulatory submissions, electronic data archiving and the examination and implementation of documentation standards based on SGML. His current interests are in establishing methods for valuing electronic information in order that informed decision making processes can be introduced for long term electronic records storage.

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16 June 1997