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Bibliography on Electronic Records


Chartrand, Robert L. Information Technology in Our Time: Selected References, Congressional Research Service - The Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 9 October 1988.
This report contains a series of bibliographies (not annotated) reflecting sources chosen to illustrate the impact of information technology on our society. These sources are organized into the following nine categories: Information Technology Tools and Techniques; Information Technology and Government Management; Information Technology and the Legislator; Information Technology and Business; Information Technology and Society; Information Technology and International Activities; Information Technology and the Future; Information Technology Bibliographies, Encyclopedias, Thesauri, Dictionaries, and Directories; and Information Technology Periodicals.

Chartrand, Robert L. Legislation of the 101st Congress Related to Information Policy and Technology Issues, Congressional Research Service - Library of Congress, Washington, DC, 1 August 1989.
The report organizes brief summaries for a selection of those information related public laws that are available in the Bill Digest files of the Library of Congress SCORPIO database. From those bills selected, they are then organized into nine topical categories: Telecommunications, Broadcasting, and Satellite Transmission; International Communications and Information Policy; Library and Archives Policies; Information Disclosure, Confidentiality, and the Right of Privacy; Computer Security, Regulation, and Crime; Intellectual Property; Information Technology for Education, Innovation, and Competitiveness; Federal Information Resources Management; and Government information Systems, Clearinghouses, and Dissemination.

Cox, Richard J. "Readings in Archives and Electronic Records: Annotated Bibliography and Analysis of the Literature." Electronic Records Management Program Strategies, 99-156. ed. Margaret Hedstrom. Archives and Museum Informatics Technical Report No. 18, Pittsburgh, PA: Archives and Museum Informatics, 1993.
Most current bibliography focused on how archivists have viewed electronic records in theory and practice -- arranged according to a number of topical sections.

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Bibliography on Electronic Records

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