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New York State Archives and Records Administration
9C71 Cultural Education Center
Albany, NY 12207
United States

Alan S. Kowlowitz is presently the head of the Electronic Records and Network Services Team (ERNS) in the New York State Archives and Records Administration (SARA). ERNS develops and provides electronic records management services to State agencies, administers SARA's training program for State agency personnel, supports the development of Statewide information policy, manages SARA's Internet resources, and administers, with the State Library, the NYS Information Locator Service. Alan has worked at SARA since 1979 and has specialized in electronic records work since 1984 when he joined the staff of SARA's Special Media Records Project (1984-1987). In this position he conducted New York State government's first survey, appraisals, and case studies of automated information systems. Between 1987 and 1989 he supervised SARA's State Records Analysis Unit which reviewed agency records disposition requests, conducted archival appraisals, developed general schedules, and provided records management advice to state agencies. From 1989 to 1995 he managed the operations of SARA's Center for Electronic Records including: overseeing electronic records accessioning, appraisals, and special studies; supervising the development of procedures for the accessioning and appraisal of electronic records; developing policies, guidelines, services, and training for agencies on the management of electronic records. In 1995 he was appointed to his present position as Head of the Electronic Records and Network Services Team (ERNS). Alan is also the Co-Director of the NHPRC funded Models for Action Project, a joint project of SARA and the Center for Technology in Government (CTG) to develop practical tools for the management of electronic records produced in the networked environment.

Alan was part of the SARA team that developed guidelines for the legal admissibility of electronic records in 1994 and guidelines for managing records in e-mail systems issued in 1995. This latter publication has commanded international attention. Alan has presented numeroustraining sessions for NYS local and State government officials on various aspects of managing electronic records and information policy. He assisted the NYS Governor's Task Force on IRM in developing New York State's e-mail use policy as well as other information technology policies. Alan is a frequent speaker at archival and records management conferences. He has published a number of studies and articles on electronic records appraisal and program development. Alan has served as a consult to a number of State archival institutions on developing electronic records programs. He holds a masters degree in interdisciplinary social sciences from the State University of New York at Buffalo and completed course work towards a Ph.D. in history from Northern Illinois University.

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16 June 1997